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Medium and high
voltage installations

Assembling and erection, cabling and connections, revamp and modifications on medium and high voltage installations.

High voltage up to 30 KV.

Some of our projects:
in random order


Sidem France
12.000 m³ sea water distiller

3,3 KV switchgear assembling - 3,3 - 30 KV step-up transformer with connections - extention 3,3 KV switchgear seawaterpumps - 3,3 KV and 30 KV cabling on pumps and feeders - 3 MW turbine installation

A last checkup....
Final check

Wärtsilä NSD Finland 25 MW diesel power plant
30 KV switchgear assembling (SF6-gas), 18 panels - 10 KV - 30 KV
step up transformers with connections - 4 x 6,25 MW generator connections.

Click here for the progress on the Waterplant at Mijnmaatschappij

Refinery Isla
3,3 KV connections on pumps and transformers - 15 KV connections on feeder cabling.

Royal Dutch Marines
Various transformer stations, 12,5 KV - 400 Volt with emergency generator back-up

Wärsilä NSD Finland
12,5 MW extention on diesel power plant
30 KV switchgear extention (SF6-gas), 5 panels - 10 KV - 30 KV step-up transformers with connections - 2 x 6,25 MW generator connections.


Bonaire Petroleum Corporation (BOPEC)
(Crude transshipment terminal)
6 KV - 480V step-up/step-down transformers - 6 KV power distribution

WEB  (utility company)
12,5 KV switchgear assembling (12 panels) - 10 KV - 12,5 KV step-up transformers with connections - 3 x 2,8 MW generator connections


ABB Netherlands
60 KV panel extention (SF6 gas) 2 panels

WEB Aruba (utility company)
3,3 and 13,8 KV connections on various equipment

Connecting power cables in the field....
Cable joint in open field

If you would like some details about our cable joint work click here.... more details....

Wärtsilä NSD Finland
6 MW blackstart generator
10 KV switchgear assembling - 13,8 KV panel extention - 1 x 6 MW generator connection - step-up transformer with connections

Aquaelectra at Curacao....
Aqualectra site next to Isla Refinery

If you would like some details about this project, just click here more details....


Low voltage
and controls

32 MegaWatt panel at Aquaelectra Curacao...
Main control panel (32 MW)

Power and control cabling according to European standards (cable tray-cabling). Power and control cabling according American standards (closed conduit systems). Power distribution panels. Control panels. PLC configuration. Engineering and drafting. Explosion proof installations.

Some of our projects:

Antillean Soap Company Curaçao
2000 Amps main distribution panel.
Power and control installation of an ultra soap powder plant.


Power and control for a fuel bunkering station, 4 pumps 150 kW each, with generator back-up.

Isla refinery
Various power and control installations.

Power and control cabling

Bopec Bonaire
Various power and control installations for the crude oil transshipment terminal.

Pan Americana
Curaçao office

Electrical and security systems.

WEB Bonaire
Power and controls for a 1.000 m3/day reverse osmose waterplant.

Aqualectra Curaçao
Power and controls on a 37 MW dieselpowerplant.

On shore installations for the assembling of the URSA platform.

Ursa platform


and process controls

Instrumentation process line ups. Instrumentation, cabling and interfaces up to DCS. Instrument calibration. Looptesting and start up assistance.

Some of our projects:

Refineria Isla
Instrumentation for the Cat Cracker upgrading project (IRUP) - Unit rates year contract from 1997 till present on all instrument activities at the refinery including shut downs -
Soot blower installations on various furnaces - Instrumentation on air de-cooking for Feedprep I and II - Instrumentation revamp on fire damage CD3 - Instrumentation on new flair stack - Instrumentation on sea water distiller.

KAE power company

Installation of instrumentation on DCS control systems, incl. instrument calibration on a 12.000m3/day sea water distiller - Cabling of instrumentation and DCS control systems for a 37 MW power.

Antillean Soap Company
Installation of instrumentation and DCS controls for an ultra powder plant.

DOW sewage systems
Engineering and design of instrumentation and controls including DCS for a sewage treatment plant, including software - Installation of instrumentation and DCS controls incl. calibration and start up.

Sewage systems

WEB power company Aruba
Instrumentation for the KOV6 boiler - Cabling of instrumentation and DCS control system for a 6 MW diesel generator - Instrumentation on a crude oil transshipment terminal at San Nicolas, including two reefberths.

Bopec Bonaire
Crude oil transshipment terminal.
Instrumentation on boilers - Instrumentation on pumping stations and manifolds - Instrumentation on fire controls.


Data and security

Security-camera at Bopec - Bonaire...
Camera observation system

Data and communication cabling. Fire detection. Fire controls. Camera observation systems. Security systems.

Some of our projects:

Bopec Bonaire
Electrical gates and access control system.
Camera observation system with time lapse event recorder. Automatic fire pumps controls. Fire detection and control systems on 22 floating roof crude oil tanks.

DOW Curacao
Electrical gate and access control system at a sewage treatment plant at Curaçao.

WEB Bonaire
Camera observation system at the new powerplant.

Isla refinery Curaçao
Various data cabling systems. Fire detection systems on various pumping areas.

Penitentiary facilities
St. Maarten
Security systems, including taut wire fence protection.

Wickland Oil Aruba
Fire detection and control systems.



For security and fire detection systems we work in close cooperation with Initial Varel The Netherlands, which is part of the Rentokil group, and is the market leader in the Benelux on these fields.

For gates and security fencing systems , we work in close operation with B&G Hekwerk the Netherlands.



MESC Mechanical and Electrical Services Caribbean N.V. was founded in 1991. MESC provides integrated solutions for customers and has facilities at Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

We are mainly operating in the industrial field.

MESC has responded to the global economic challenges of the past three years by repositioning the company to better align with the changing global marketplace. The result is a stronger MESC with significant opportunities for growth and a cost structure that allows us to compete.

Mr. Ben Hermans
General Manager




Headquarter is located at Pletterijweg z/n
Willemstad - 

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Main entrance headquarters at Curacao


General Manager:
Mr. Ben Hermans
Phone : 00 5999 5107039

Office Manager:
Mrs. Thea Hoogendijk
Phone : 00 5999 4617244

Telefax: 00 5999 4617265



Mesc Curaçao
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MESC Aruba:
Zeewijk 56b
po box 2119
Contact: Mr. Th. Albers
Phone: 00 297 5854274
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Cell phone: 00 297 9936865

MESC Bonaire:
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Contact: Mr. G. Oleana
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